Professional Network Series

Professional Network Series: Certificated Evaluation

Stevens Clay, P.S. is excited to offer an innovative series for K-12 education Human Resource departments and building administrators. It is called the Professional Network Series. The Professional Network Series is a year-long set of courses designed around a specific topic. Within each topic, there will be several different learning strands. Participants can sign up for an individual strand, multiple strands, or the entire series.

Highlights of the Professional Network Series

  • When you sign up for Professional Network Series, you are signing up to be part of a professional network in Washington State. Within this network, you will have access to a Members Only website complete with powerpoints and materials from presentations and a bank of resources you can use when supporting employees. These resources will include articles, podcasts, book studies, and videos to name a few. These resources will be connected to the eight state criterion and will have suggested questions and/or activities for employees to complete. *Note: This portion of the website will be under constant revision as materials will be added on a regular basis.
  • As part of this series, you will be invited to take part in monthly roundtable discussions around currently trending topics and things you need to know and be doing right now. Prior to these roundtable discussions, conversation will happen with various agencies and organizations around the state to solicit information about questions, concerns, wonderings, etc. from the field.
  • Participants will be asked to share topic specific documents and/or resources they have about certain topics. Those documents will be redacted of identifying data and then placed on our resources webpage.
  • Resources like checklists, documents, and templates will be offered for most sessions, and if applicable, be instructional framework specific. These resources will also live on our resource web page and be available for your use at no extra cost.
  • At the end of your network series, you will receive a Certificate of Completion for the course. You must attend the majority of the trainings to receive your certificate. 

The first Professional Network Series is on Certificated Evaluation. Sessions will begin on September 13.

We expect to be launching our Classified Evaluation Series in the fall of 2022.


Kim Holland

Paul Clay

Jon Dalley

Jason Mackay

Garrett Williams