Professional Network Series

Evaluation Best Practices (EBS)

Learning strand content

Join the EVALUATION BEST PRACTICES Learning Strand if you want in-depth knowledge of all aspects of certificated observation and evaluation. You will receive information, forms, charts, timelines, etc. Special focus will be on legalities and best practices to use with all certificated employees. If you have had TPEP framework evaluation training, you learned the “why” behind observation and evaluation. This learning track will give you the “how.” These trainings are split into three parts and are specific to your instructional framework.  

  • Evaluation Best Practices 101: The first part of this series will cover an overview of observation and evaluation from a Human Resources perspective. Participants will also learn how to write up an observation that is clear and easy for employees to follow.  Sessions include:
  • Evaluation Best Practices 102: In the second part of this series, participants will learn how to track observation data and monitor employee performance. There will also be two check-in sessions to monitor implementation of observation write ups and performance tracking. Participation in Evaluation Best Practices 101 is a pre-requisite for this session.  Sessions include:
  • Evaluation Best Practices 103: In the third part of this series, participants will learn how to prepare the final employee evaluation. Resources will be provided. Participation in Evaluation Best Practices 101 is a pre-requisite for this session.  Sessions include:

who should attend

Human Resource Professionals

  • New to the role of leading the Human Resource department
  • Previously working in the private Human Resource workforce
  • Transitioning to central administration from building administration
  • Working with certificated evaluation

Central and Building Administrators

  • New to their administrative role and whom evaluate certificated staff

Cost to attend

Human Resource Personnel

  • $1,500.00 for all three sessions (101, 102, and 103)

Central and Building Administrators

  • 101- $600.00
  • 102- $400.00
  • 103- $300.00
  • Save $300.00 by signing up for all three sessions- $1,000.00

NOTE: This training is separate from the 42 hours of required framework training for new administrators.


Human Resource Personnel registration

Central and Building Administrator registration