Professional Network Series

Probationary Employee Training

Learning strand content

In these sessions you will learn what triggers probation, how to write a probationary plan and how to track progress on the plan. Resources will be provided in several sessions. All sessions will be co-facilitated by Kim Holland and an attorney from Stevens-Clay.

Probationary Plans of Improvement are required by law when a certificated employee scores an overall "Unsatisfactory", or when a certificated employee with more than five years of experience scores an overall "Basic" for two our of three consecutive years. These plans can be complex and should be navigated with utmost precision and with input from legal counsel.

who should attend

If you have an employee who will be on probation this year, this is a must-attend learning strand for both the Human Resources Director as well as any administrators who will be evaluating the employee. An employee will be on probation if they have scored either:

  • An overall "1" (Unsatisfactory) on their 2021-2022 comprehensive evaluation, or
  • Two overall "2's" (Basic) in the last three years of comprehensive evaluation

cost to attend

Cost to attend the series is $3,000.00 per team for up to three team members.


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