Professional Network Series

Provisional Employee Training (PROV)

Learning strand content

These sessions cover all of the information you need to know about provisional employees from A to Z. The trainings are split into two separate tracks and participation in the first track is mandatory for the second track. Both tracks place a strong emphasis on how best to support provisional employees including how to write a Growth Plan for a provisional employee.

A provisional employee growth plan is something designed to help the provisional employee improve in their practice. It includes identifying key players and their roles along with any CBA requirements. The plan establishes goals designed to help the employee grow and then sets up activities to help the employee reach their goals. Multiple opportunities for feedback occur throughout the plan and progress of the employee is tracked and shared on a regular basis.

  • Provisional Employee Training 101: Participants will learn all aspects of the provisional employee work cycle. An emphasis will be placed on how to support provisional employees who are needing additional opportunities to grow. Multiple resources will be provided.  Sessions include:
  • Provisional Employee Training 102: Participants will learn how to design a growth plan for a provisional employee with a special emphasis on how to help an employee teaching in a hard-to-fill position. Multiple resources will be provided. Attendance in Provisional Employee Training, An Overview is a pre-requisite for this session. Participation in Provisional Employee Training 101 is a pre-requisite for this session.  Sessions include:

Who Should attend

Human Resource Personnel

  • New to the role of leading the Human Resource department
  • Previously working in the private Human Resource workforce
  • Transitioning to central administration from building administration
  • Working with provisional staff

Central and Building Administrators

  • New to their administrative role and whom evaluate certificated staff

cost to attend

Human Resource Personnel

  • $1,200.00 for both sessions (101 and 102)

Central and Building Administrators

  • 101- $500.00
  • 102- $500.00
  • Save $200.00 by signing up for both sessions- $800.00


Human Resource Personnel registration

Central and Building Administrator registration