About Our Practice

Stevens Clay, P.S. is a law firm dedicated to serving education providers and municipalities throughout the State of Washington. As general counsel and trial lawyers, we provide everyday legal advice for our clients and serve their long-term legal needs. We continuously earn our clients’ respect in assisting them to successfully face the challenges of educating our young people and serving the public good. 

We are typically preventative in our advice with the hope of avoiding unnecessary litigation. Nevertheless, we recognize the need at times to protect the public trust and thus to aggressively pursue certain matters on behalf of our clients. We try to resolve matters short of costly litigation and we actively use alternative dispute resolution processes and resources. We listen to our clients and pay close attention to their non-legal needs as well as their legal needs. We provide practical, honest advice and encourage our clients to strategize for the long-term as well as the short-term. Overall, we try to be insightful, creative, deliberate, forthcoming, and, above all, helpful.