Personnel Grievances/Arbitrations
Unfair Labor Practice Charges
Collective Bargaining Matters
Employee Discipline/Discharge
Certificated and Classified Evaluation
Employee Reductions in Force
Discrimination and Harassment
Board Policy/Procedure Drafting and Review
Public Records Laws
Open Public Meetings
Construction Litigation
Free Speech
Eminent Domain
Equal Employment Investigations
Election Law
Sports and Extra-curricular Activities
Interlocal Cooperative Agreements
Public Works
Family and Medical Leave Laws

Audit Opinions
Construction Contract Drafting/Reviewing
Real Property Sales and Purchase
Employee and Administrator Training
Constitutional Law
Special Education
General School Litigation
Student Rights/Responsibilities
School Finance and Operations
Conflict of Interest
Claims Avoidance and Defense
Search and Seizure
Office for Civil Rights Investigations
Student Records and FERPA
Contracting Out
Student Choice and Transfer Laws
Intergovernmental Property Dispositions
Municipal Officer Conflict of Interest
Fair Labor Standards Act and Overtime Law